Lost in Eden

speaks of himself obliquely, in symbols,
the whole impression being a verbal wave of the hand
as if He were blurring his own edges.
won’t let Her in, although She may knock several times,
and peer through locked windows,
the book of the male psyche written,
in runes quite contrary to the grammar She is taught.

speaks of herself vehemently, in torrents,
the whole confession being a tidal wave across his land
as if She were drowning in what She alleges.
won’t let him win, although He may be innocent of the crimes,
and fear what arises from the shadows,
the scroll of the female psyche written,
in words quite contrary to the script He believed He had wrought.


in a certain light
you sparkled
and yes
the setting did display you to
worn as you were against my blushing skin
wearing as you were against my fraying nerves
but after enough time
after enough sweat
after enough
it was clear you couldn’t
afford the diamonds behind my eyes,
exchanging all your currency at a loss,
and I wouldn’t afford to traffic so
with your rhinestone mind.